Farm School in March

We enjoyed a sunny day at Farm School last week.  Our topic was ‘eggs’.  First of all we went on an Egg Hunt.  We were given clues which led us to look for different animals or animal enclosures.  Each clue led us to another area of the farm.  This gave us a great chance to take another look at the animals on the farm.  Once we found all 16 clues we sat in the sunshine and each one of us decorated our egg.  After a quick snack and a special treat, we then each chose a ‘real’ egg which had been fertilized.  Rachel put a name on each egg and then we placed them in the incubator.  We are hoping that after 21 days these eggs will be ready and a chick will hatch.  We cant wait until our next visit to the Farm in April.

We have to wait 21 days

The eggs go in the incubator

Our decorated eggs