The Horse Loggers came to Forest School

We are lucky enough to be visited every year by the wonderful Dartmoor Horse-loggers. Will brings along his two amazing powerful working horses to clear the woods of dangerous and diseased trees. The horses, called Beano and Dolly, are both 10 years old. Beano is a French breed of draft horse called a Comtois and Dolly is an Ardennes a breed originating in Belgium. They are not as big as Shire horses (though they are still pretty big!) because they need to be nimble enough to work on difficult or sloping ground where machines would be too destructive. Horse logging is a low impact method used to extract the wood from the site. Will and the horses were working near our Forest School site today and the children had lots of opportunity to interact with them and learn about working horses and the equipment they use to cut and move the trees.